Revolucija 1764

Best way to delight your sense of taste


The best way to delight your sense of taste and feel the real food revolution. We offer you a wide range of remarkable unique tastes and feelings. Mix of modern and traditional dish will not leave you indifferently. Every single recipe is made just for you. Food and drink we serve meets the highest standards of quality, freshness and seasonality and combines both modern-creative and traditional southeastern styles of cooking. We want to invite you to try our sensational desserts on which we are proud of. Using the best ingredients, our special Chef created these desserts to prove the concept of chocolate revolution.


Revolucija je bila danas kod mene od okusa kada sam probala vašu pileću salatu. Kombinacija piletine, rukole, šeri paradajza, brusnice, sjemenki bundeve, oraha i parmezana sa dresingom od meda. Danas ste mi uljepšali dan. Hvala vam što postoji Revolucija!

Alma Kovačević
From Sarajevo, Bosnia

This is the place with the best cake ever! I like it because it was really freshly cooked and tastes so good. I also like a location and ambience. You can experience a Sarajevo´s lifestyle from here. It has a really good view on the main street.

Kristina B.
From Unknown, World

This cafe is a great place to chill out and have a good espresso coffee and cake. They offer a variety of espresso coffee and hot chocolate, as well as an impressive tea list. This restaurant also offers breakfast and main meals (salads, pasta, pizza, vegetarian options, etc). The service was great- they were prompted, friendly and always provide a receipt with each order.

Kylie M
From Unknown, World