Hotel Story

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Hotel Story, located in the heart of Sarajevo, will give you the opportunity to explore the mix of modern and historical culture. Experience the delicate charm of Sarajevo, the feature everyone is talking about and which is becoming more famous every year. In just a few steps from Story you will find yourself in the middle of the Old town, museums, handcraft shops, and when the night falls, the exciting nightlife is just around the corner. Set yourself in the center of happenings. Take advantage of our modern apartments, friendly staff, and we will make it our mission to make your stay in Sarajevo even more comfortable. Let us be a chapter in your Sarajevo story.


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My booking was for a two night stay. For this visit my car was left at home so the fact that the railway station is so close, in fact just around the corner, was most convenient. The room was comfortable and the food excellent. As on previous visits the staff were both friendly and efficient.

Jonatha Owens - Sydney Australia


Excellent property, caring & hospitable staff, delicious food, warm and cozy rooms. If you ask me, there is nothing more that one can ask for.

Jason Rodger - USA

Love the hotel

Stayed 4 nights at this hotel during our trip in Sarajevo 2 weeks ago. Had a wonderful time there, the room was clean, excellent hot shower and great service as well. Just perfect for the initial acclimatization for our first two days there.

Elma Mujic - Austria

Top location

The location is wonderful. For me this is most important thing as a tourist. Everything is just few steps away. Rooms were very warm and clean. They have great room system for ordering any kind of service. I just loved it.

Edina Hodzic - Germany


Every thing was perfect! I love the breakfast and the location and the staff. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Hotel is fabulous and in top location! I strongly recomend!!

Nemanja - Bosnia and Hercegovina


Best location in the center and near the resturants and shops!

Younis - Oman


Great location with parking place in front of the hotel. Few meters away from the main pedestrian street and 5 minutes from Bascarsija. Surrounded by pubs if that's your thing. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Anonymous - Serbia

Nice and Comfortable

I stayed at Hotel Story for 1 night (on 13/09/2016). I arrived at Sarajevo early in the morning after a long flight and I had to do an early check in (at around 11 AM). The reception was very cooperative and gave me an upgrade on the room that I have booked because my room had guests (who were not ready to leave at that time). That was so nice and truly appreciated. Place was perfect for me and my family. Location of the hotel is exactly in the middle of old city. Breakfast was good but needs to have a little more variations.

Hamad - Bahrain


We spent couple of days in Sarajevo. We loved the city. Thanks to Hotel Story stuff for helping us and making our stay even better. We are definitely coming back. Best wishes.

Leylah Berber - Sydney Australia